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Early life The Liebefeld-Steinhölzli public school in KönizSwitzerlandwhich Kim Jong-un is reported to have attended North Korean authorities and state-run media have stated that Kim's birthdate was 8 January[19] but South Korean intelligence officials believe the actual date is a year later, rencontre kim jong un.

Kim Jong-un, Pyongyang, Korea. , likes · 38, talking about this. Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of abgowel.cfers: K. Promotie en opvolging. Dat Kim Jong-un in steeds vaker werd gezien naast zijn vader bij officiële inspecties, werd door analisten al gezien als een teken dat Aangetreden: 29 juni 99,98 procent Noord-Koreanen stemt op partij Kim Jong-un Oogsten mislukt Droogte teistert Noord-Korea: bevolking ondervoed en ziek.

rencontre kim jong un

He has superb physical gifts, is a big drinker and never admits defeat. But what of the lives of the average people? This was seen as confirming his position as the next leader of the Workers' Party. Unprecedented international press access was granted to the event, further indicating the importance of Kim Jong-un's presence. Despite the elder Kim's plans, it was not immediately clear after his death whether Jong-un would in fact take full power, and what his exact role in a new government would be.

The Korean Central News Agency described Kim Jong-un as "a great person born of heaven", a propaganda term only his father and grandfather had enjoyed.

Fujimoto also said that Jong-un was favored by his father over his elder brother, Kim Jong-chul, reasoning that Jong-chul is too feminine in character, while Jong-un is "exactly like his father", rencontre kim jong un.

rencontre kim jong un

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On 11 April, that conference wrote the post of general secretary out of the party charter and instead designated Kim Jong-il as the party's "Eternal General Secretary". The conference then elected Kim Jong-un as leader of the party under the newly created title of First Secretary. Kim Jong-un also took his father's post as Chairman of the Central Military Commission, as well as rencontre kim jong un father's old seat on the Politburo Presidium.

Both year passports carry a stamp rencontre kim jong un "Embassy of Brazil in Prague", rencontre kim jong un. Kim Jong-un's passport records the name "Josef Pwag" and a date of birth of 1 February This was followed by newsreel footage of him attending the conference.

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Authorities confirmed that a North Korean student from North Korea attended the school from to Pak-un first attended a special class for foreign-language children and later attended the regular classes of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and part of the final 9th year, leaving the school abruptly in the autumn of He was described as a well-integrated and ambitious student who liked to play basketball.